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Coderslang is the fastest way to learn JavaScript and become a software engieer.

Learn JS from zero to a Junior Software Engineer

JavaScript Fundamentals

Learn JavaScript fundamentals in Visual Studio code. Don't waste any time in useless browser playgrounds. No prior coding experience required.

Core Frontend (HTML, CSS, JS)

Extend your knowledge to HTML, CSS and browser JavaScript by learning DOM manipulation and building pixel-perfect layouts.


Study backend development with Node.js and Express. Learn version control with Git, data persistence with SQL and NoSQL databases, containerized deployments with Docker.

Advanced Frontend

Learn how to build modern single page webapps with React.js and tap into the mobile development with React Native (optional).

Interview prep

Prepare for the technical interview with our mobile app available on iOS and Android.

Get hired as a Junior JS Dev!

Learn JavaScript at Coderslang


What's interesting about Coderslang

Forget about tutorial hell. Forget about useless videos that don't get you anywhere. We're fully focused on providing you with everything you need to become a Junior JavaScript Developer.

Integration with Visual Studio Code

We've built a native extension for Visual Studio Code that let's you solve coding tasks without leaving the best JavaScript IDE in the world.

Instant task verification

With live courses and bootcamps it takes ages to get feedback on your coding assignments. With our native integration with VSCode, you'll get instant verification of your tasks. No more tedious delays!

Fundamentals first

If you want to become a JavaScript dev, you must learn JavaScript. HTML, CSS and frontend frameworks come after.

Over 500 hours of coding

There are 3 pillars of learning to code and becoming a software engineer. Practice, practice and practice. Always remember that.

Mobile app for an interview prep

You may know how to code, but it you don't know how to pass the technical interview, you're cutting your chances of getting a job in half. With our quiz-like mobile app, you'll learn all the tricky interview question in no time.

Start from scratch

You don't need to have a degree, you don't need to be good at math, you don't have to be a genious. All you need to be focused on your goal.

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